Caban Systems Celebrates Five Years of Success

March 23, 2023

Today marks the five-year anniversary of Caban Systems. In that time, Caban has grown from an energy storage innovator to a valued energy consultant and clean energy partner. Throughout this evolution, Caban has remained committed to helping critical infrastructure operators transition to reliable, clean energy.

An Industry-Leading Energy Infrastructure Provider

Caban Systems was founded in 2018 by Alexandra Rasch Castillo and Brian Pevear, two engineers with a shared interest in finding ways to decarbonize the most fossil fuel-dependent industries. With over 30 years of combined experience designing battery technology and energy storage systems, they founded Caban with the goal of building alternative energy solutions for critical infrastructure.

After initial success with telecommunications clients in the Americas, Caban has evolved its business and is expanding its solutions globally. The increasing demand from customers and continued support from investors are a concrete endorsement that Caban’s technology and Energy-as-a-Service business model are a leading energy transition strategy.

Scaling Caban’s Hardware and Software Innovations

Proprietary technology has been at the heart of Caban’s success since the beginning. After producing its first generation of lithium-ion batteries in 2018, Caban engineers have continued to iterate and improve on the design, to deliver industry-leading technology for a clean energy future. These batteries are the building block of Caban’s fully integrated energy storage systems, which provide clients with reliable primary and backup power. In addition to hardware, Caban has developed Continuo, an AI-enabled software that remotely monitors and manages energy systems.

To date, Caban operates its energy storage systems at over 500 sites across seven countries. These sites provide clean, resilient, cost-efficient power that enable the clean energy transition for enterprise clients. Caban currently works with some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, and has leveraged its success in this space to develop energy storage solutions for other critical infrastructure sectors.

Team Expansion and New Phase for Caban Systems

In five years, Caban has grown its global team and opened offices across the US and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The company has expanded its capabilities in engineering, manufacturing, field services, and strategic finance while increasing its global sales. Caban has also opened two automated manufacturing and testing facilities in the US.

From Hardware Manufacturer to Energy Thought Leader

Caban’s steady growth is a testament to its mission and innovative approach, and the industry has taken notice. In 2019 the World Energy Council recognized Caban Systems as one of its SET 100 startups in the Energy Efficiency space. Alexandra Rasch Castillo’s work as the co-founder and CEO of Caban Systems has earned her recognition from Forbes (30 Under 30 List, 2020), the Global Women in Telco & Tech Awards committee (Disruptor and Rising Star, 2020), and the Association of Latino Professionals for America (Most Powerful Latinas List, 2022). In 2023, she was invited to meet with world leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos as a thought leader on climate tech and the future of energy.

A Look Ahead for Caban

Securing Series B funding in late 2022 has created a pivotal moment for Caban Systems; a moment built on the last five years of success while looking towards a more global future for the company. With cutting-edge technology and expert energy services, Caban will continue to help even the most fossil fuel-dependent industries decarbonize.

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Caban uniquely combines service, hardware, software, and finance to deliver reliable, clean power and boosts your bottom line. This turnkey approach allows you to work directly with one trusted ESG partner to achieve decarbonization across your operations.

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