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Premium service and unmatched energy expertise make for a seamless client experience

We take an end-to-end approach because we believe you shouldn't have to become an energy expert to meet your decarbonization goals.

Full-service support from a deep bench of energy experts

Most other companies only manage one or two of the aspects needed to facilitate a smooth energy transition. At Caban, we do it all – hardware, software, site design, installation, financing, and managed services. By working with just one trusted provider with deep energy expertise, Caban’s clients enjoy a streamlined, efficient, cost-effective experience.

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Caban’s end-to-end consultative approach

We manage and support every step to ensure a transparent and seamless energy transition.

How does Caban’s turnkey approach work?

Step 1: Energy consulting

What do I need in order to achieve my goals?
Your dedicated portfolio manager gathers relevant information:
  • Economic, technical, and strategic objectives
  • Load data across every site in your portfolio

Step 2: Solution design

What is the best approach?
Your dedicated portfolio manager selects the right Caban hardware for your needs and proposes an optimized solution using:
  • Simulations and scenarios applicable to your site
  • Modeling based on your economic and technical objectives

Step 3: Contract model selection

What financing option is best for me?
Your dedicated portfolio manager will discuss your needs and objectives to help you determine the right financing structure for your business:
  • Energy-as-a-Service: Equipment Lease
  • Energy-as-a-Service: Full Service
  • Full Purchase
Caban's financing solutions table

Step 4: Installation & commissioning

How does Caban deliver?
Caban’s experienced, local team installs your customized energy solution:
  • EPC Services that include a fully turnkey installation and commissioning.
  • Boots-on-the-ground approach ensures seamless deployment

Step 5: Ongoing maintenance & performance operations

How does Caban support optimal system performance? 
Caban’s local experts and remote specialists ensure you get the most out of your solution:
  • Lifetime remote monitoring and performance optimization
  • 24/7 operations and maintenance support available
Performance Summary in Caban's software, Continuo

Step 6: End-of-life management

What happens at the end of the equipment’s lifespan?
Caban will consult with you to find the best options for battery recycling in your area.
  • Caban’s batteries are specifically designed and manufactured with recyclability in mind
  • Caban’s expert team stays up to date on best recycling practices in your region
Battery recycling
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Caban uniquely combines service, hardware, software, and finance to deliver reliable, clean power and boosts your bottom line. This turnkey approach allows you to work directly with one trusted ESG partner to achieve decarbonization across your operations.

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